Relax and Receive!

A few posts back, I wrote about how much I love chia seeds, and one of my readers wrote back, “What about chia seeds?” Oops! Chia is an edible seed grown in Mexico dating back to the Mayan and Aztec culture. “Chia” means strength, and these seeds are indeed chock full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, antioxidants and calcium while low in carbohydrates. The only caution I have is: be careful and close the bag all the way to avoid spilling and cleaning up after them as I did recently! Haha!

Speaking of health, there is a mother and daughter team that own a little shop chock full of herbs in a storefront up a few steps from Main Street in town. One day several months ago, my boyfriend suggested we stop in as we walked by. I’d been curious about it since we’d moved to Ventura but it never seemed to be open when we’d walked by. This time it was! I was surprised my boyfriend had any interest in a shop that sold herbs, and he wandered outside shortly after we arrived as if to prove my point. I settled into the nice, comfy chair where one of the women pressed various reflexology points in each of my feet, and prescribed various herbal teas for me based upon when I winced. I’m joking a bit but that’s what it felt like! I ended up going back twice more over the next two months when I’d gone through the wholesome, nurturing bags of tea I’d bought to replenish my supply.

What struck me most, though, was a comment that each of the women made to me on two separate visits, completely unaware of what the other had said. “You are way too stressed!” Me, stressed? Didn’t they know who they were talking to? I’m a therapist! I tap and talk with others for a living to calm them down! How could I be “way too stressed” without my even knowing it?! But their words resonated with me! I was running out of the house by 8:00 in the mornings, dressed for my day with all my food in a little ice chest before starting my work day in order to go to my 8:30 a.m. yoga class way across town in order to relax! Hmmm, something was wrong with this picture.

The first decision I made–along with drinking my calming tea–was to quit my gym and do my morning yoga practice  in the peace and quiet of my own bedroom with a view of the ocean and palm trees in front of me. It doesn’t get much better than that. The second was to use the hills and streets nearby to get my walking in, and the third was to build an hour and a half lunch break into my long, full day in order to come home to eat, relax and enjoy the view! What a difference this has made in the quality of my life.

Back in January, my dear, beloved new yoga teacher suggested we each choose a word or phrase for the year. I decided after a day or so of reflection that mine would be, “Relax and Receive”. How woefully I’d been falling short. Well, I turned that around in three short months and am starting off the Spring with renewed energy and a zest for life. I tell all of my clients now that the most important thing we can do in order to live a happy life is to first  calm down and relax. So I wish you the same along with the delicate cherry blossoms of the season.


Tapping For Weight Loss and Well Being!

I have a new development in my personal and professional life to share. One of the things I do in my spare time, such as when I am eating breakfast or packing lunch, is listen to, “The most positive place on the Internet”! Last year, I was particularly enchanted with the “tapping” hour led by Nick Ortner. When I received an e-mail in my inbox that his book, The Tapping Solution, had been published, I immediately downloaded it to my Kindle. For those of you who are new to the Emotional Freedom Technique, tapping on the endpoints of the body’s acupuncture meridians has been shown to calm the amygdala. This reduces the fight-or-flight response which blocks an individual from processing trauma and other pain or fear. I dutifully read the book and tapped along with every script he presented throughout, and experienced amazing results. One was that my sleep improved overnight. I brought less stress with me to bed, slept more soundly, and awoke more easily.

Inspired, I began to suggest tapping to clients when they were discussing an issue that I thought might be relieved more quickly with the aid of this new tool. They, too, experienced success and I began using this form of energy work more and more in my practice. Then I received another e-mail in my inbox. This one was for an online course given by Nick Ortner called, “7 Weeks to Financial Success & Personal Fulfillment”.  I was hooked, ready to address any blocks I might have to reaching my full potential.

They made it easy to sign up, with a payment plan of $36 a month for 11 months. My eldest sister made it even easier. I’d signed up one morning when she was visiting in December. I’d woken up a bit earlier than she had, and gone online. When I told her what I’d done later that morning, she took $400 out of her purse, and handed it to me. My first financial success!

A couple of weeks later, partway through the course, I heard my angels instruct me to start two tapping groups in my practice, both on Saturday afternoons, one at 1:30 and the other at 3:00. They were to be for “Weight Loss and Well Being”. That sounded great…and scary. Me? Start groups? Who would come? What if I wasn’t good enough? I put the idea away until that weekend when my son was visiting, and ran the idea by him. As I did so, it still sounded good to me, and this time, supported by his enthusiasm, I tapped on my fear until it subsided. Then I contacted my former-billing-lady-turned-friend and asked her to help me get a flyer going. What a beauty she came up with. I also shared the idea with my clients and colleagues, and immediately had takers. The group was an instant hit! At least the 1:30 group was–everyone wanted to tap on weight loss. I began to wonder if both groups should be for weight loss…

Then last week, I was speaking with my dear Reiki friend from up north, and she suggested I chose a niche for my practice. Seemingly randomly, she added, “Such as weight loss.” Once again, I was hooked! I loved the idea and realized that the angels had been preparing me to utilize all the info I had been gathering on healthy gut and well being, and roll them into one, not two separate groups. So both the 1:30 and 3:00 groups are now “Tapping for Weight Loss and Well Being”. And that is what I am going to shift the book I am writing, Recipe for Happiness, to as well:  Recipe for Weight Loss and Well Being. It’s going to be an instant success! If I can only get myself writing…guess I have more tapping to do!

Happy 2014!!!

Greetings! I have two updates to share that I am excited about and hope you will be, too! I found an amazing website recently called by Donna Schwenk. On her site she talks about all the foods that add probiotics to our gut and how central to our wellbeing–physical, mental and emotional–the health of our gut is. I have been searching for answers to my questions in this regard for two years now, and everything I have done has gotten me a little closer to my goal. Now I know I have arrived!

I drove across town yesterday after staying up late the night before reading every entry in her blog I could stay awake for, and picked up nine 16 ounce bottles of kombucha and a quart of kefir. I’d certainly heard about these items before but been too afraid to add them into my diet. Donna quelled all my fears and got me excited. Her story of healing and the many testimonials on her site–including about pets as well–got me as jazzed as the actual kombucha did when I began drinking it.

Donna recommends starting slowly as the body needs to get used to all this good bacteria. I felt so good, though, that I let myself have the recommended 1/4 cup to begin with…three times! Haha! And all I did was feel better. Yay, yay, yay! I’m doing cartwheels and handstands with all this energy and joy! What’s funny, too, is that these foods are familiar from my childhood. One in particular is the gallon size jars of sauerkraut we would buy from the Lower East Side of Manhatten. I’d come home after school and serve myself…a bowl of sauerkraut! Once you taste really good sauerkraut, you’ll understand why! So it is my hope and prayer that you, too, will log onto her website and get excited about all the good foods you may be missing out on–and the health and wellness I am confident is sure to follow!

The second piece of good news has to do with my writing. A month or so ago, I was listening to a client speak about her fears of writing a book. As I listened, I realized I could relate to everything she was saying–that she might run out of ideas, that what she’d write might not be good enough to get published, that her friends might be jealous if she did. And as I quelled some of her fears, I quelled some of my own! Shortly afterwards, I mentioned to my Angel Therapy friend that I was wondering if the time was right for me to start writing that book I’ve been meaning to write for oh so long. She let me know that my angels were telling her yes, and that the title had the word “recipe” in it. After mulling it over for a bit, I realized that I could write a book called, Recipe for Happiness. After all, that is what I do all day long, six days a week–sit with clients in my office and in the schools, and help guide them toward a happier existence. She also heard them telling me to use the words, “Essential Ingredients”. At first, I thought I’d pick eight essential ingredients to focus on but after speaking to one of my sisters about it recently, I came up with an outline of ALL the essential ingredients that have gone into MY journey. Proper sleep, a healthy diet, Reiki, tapping, yoga…the list goes on. This same sister was the very one two years ago when I first began this blog and was scared I’d run out of things to say who assured me, “You always have a lot to say!” Or was it a kinder, gentler, “You’LL always have enough to say”? Either way, we had a good laugh about it, and sure enough, I’m guessing you’ll agree. After two years, it only keeps getting better.

Set An Intention!

So I had an amazing experience in Grief Group yesterday. I went in with a little plan in my head. Nine students were crowded around our small table. Surprisingly, there were six boys and three girls, the opposite of the usual male/female ratio. I noticed that the boys were all at one end of the table, and the girls at the other. This was not as surprising… After we finished passing around the attendance sheet, I asked the students to close their eyes. I closed mine, too, and began to speak. The students had been telling me for weeks that they dreaded the upcoming holidays without their loved ones present. I wanted to ease their dread somehow. I asked them to breathe in, and as they did, to breathe in their sorrow. I told them that they were carrying this pain around anyway, to acknowledge it and fully breathe it in. Then I asked them to breathe out, and as they did, to breathe out love and gratitude toward their missing loved ones. I repeated this process twice more, and then asked the students to scan their bodies and release any tension they noticed. Several breaths later, we opened our eyes.

At that point, I passed around a simple, blank holiday card to each student. I asked them to chose someone to write a holiday greeting to. It could be their grandmother or mother who’d had a terminal illness, their good friend or sister who was no longer at their side, their father or uncle who had been shot or overdosed. Or it could be someone who had helped them through the difficult journey they had just been through. The students began to write. One student finished quickly and began fiddling with his pen. The others kept writing. The boys all finished well before the girls. Two of the girls wrote and wrote, and the boys sat quietly and respectfully while they did. I was blown away.

When the last girl put down her pen, she said that it was so relaxing to be able to pour out her feelings on paper rather than share them in front of the group. I was grateful to learn that this had hit the spot for her. The other students went around the table and shared how much more relaxed they, too, felt after the brief meditation and writing exercise. One girl asked if she could go last when it was her turn. I said, “Certainly. You can have whatever you want.”

At the end, I turned to her, and she shared with the group that the one year anniversary of her grandmother’s passing was approaching, and that she felt surprisingly at peace. She wondered if she might pray for the others. I had watched this student over the course of the last year go up and down in her moods and feelings of self-worth. I knew it was tremendous progress for her to feel at peace. I love prayer and was moved she wanted to pray for the other students. I also was unsure what the protocol in a school was concerning prayer. Before I could think what to say, the other eight students all eagerly nodded their heads. They had frequently talked about going to Mass to pray for their loved ones or missing church now that their grandmother no longer got everyone to .go. I knew they were all open to prayer, and so I allowed the process to unfold. Everyone bowed their heads and closed their eyes. The girl spoke for quite a while. I let her words wash over me as I peeked at the students, watching to see how they responded. When the prayer was over, several sat a bit longer with their eyes closed. I assumed they were soaking up the good feeling they had gotten.

Suddenly I remembered an article I had received from my yoga teacher earlier in the week, and read just that morning called, “8 Things Cancer Taught Me About Christmas” by a former student of hers named Kathryn E. Livingston (Haha! I work for Livingston Memorial!) You can google the article in I pulled out my cellphone and went to the article. Slowly, I read it aloud to the students who all listened closely. I enjoyed reading it even more than I had the first time. I paused and looked at each student as I came to a part that related to them, such as surrounding yourself with fun loving and funny people. When I nudged the jokester sitting next to me on that one, he said, “Who me?” By the time I was finished, we had only minutes left in class.

I looked around and thought of my yoga teacher one more time. She has us set an intention each week when we begin our class. I like this practice, and borrowed from it. I asked the students to set an intention for the holiday season. I was amazed and impressed by what they said. “Appreciate the little things,” “Smile and spread holiday cheer,” “Relax and enjoy myself.” Remember, this was from a group of students who only one short hour ago were tense and unsmiling.

I left the group feeling happy and fulfilled. If they can do it, so can you! Happy Holidays to all!

My New Best Friend!

“Fiber is my new best friend,” I announced to my boyfriend the other day, having recently discovered the healing benefits of chia seeds. He just laughed. I said something similar this morning to the new yoga teacher at my gym. I also mentioned my blog for some reason, and she suggested I write a post about chia. The thought had crossed my mind…

I had just attended a two hour class at the yoga studio near my home the day before, and had thought about skipping this morning’s class but I wanted to meet the new teacher. I was the first to show up and she’d come over to ask if I had any injuries she should know about.

I mentioned my elbow. I told her that two years or so ago, it had begun bothering me. I had modified my workout since then but the pain had migrated up to my forearm. She nodded and replied that she’d watch for it during our class. Which she did!

She began our class by talking about miracles! She spoke of the miraculous way that four years ago the love of her life–the perfect dog–had come into her life. She’d been standing in front of her yoga studio one night–a time she was never otherwise there–when this little fellow (part chow, part lab) came up and sat at her feet. His owner was right behind. He was looking for someone who lived on a farm–which she did at the time–to take in this pup. A new family was born!

The new teacher encouraged us to be open to the small but still amazing miracles in our life, and wove that theme into our time together as she uplifted the level of the class from the body to the heart. Throughout the hour, she walked around from person to person, and placed a hand gently but firmly on a hip to turn it out a bit, or place a blanket under a neck that needed more support. I loved her style and breathed a sigh of relief that I had shown up, and met this new and wonderful lady. But more was yet to come.

After the class, she told me that she thought the pain in my forearm might be related to tension that I am holding in my shoulder. She worked on my shoulder for a moment, and sure enough, when she drew my awareness to the area, I realized how tightly I hold myself there. She showed me some stretches I could do using the wall to work out the knot in the shoulder blade, and suggested I also use a tennis ball as well as ask my boyfriend to massage the area. (I like that idea!)

I told her that I’d been asking for help for this problem, and that I felt like she was the answer to my prayers! I also gave her my card so that she could read my blog and found out that she’d been thinking about starting a Dharma Blog! That sounds great! We seem to be on similar spiritual paths and I believe she may have been placed in my life for more than just answers to my physical pain. Perhaps having met her, fiber will be bumped out of place as my new best friend…

Heart Connection!

As I move into the life of my dreams, I find myself writing less. I used this blog to “stay positive no matter what”–and look where it’s left me, or should I say, led me?

As you may remember, one of my latest joys has been A Course In Miracles. Every other day or so, I read the Daily Lesson and apply it to my day. It is always simple to do as well as uplifting and expansive. I believe I read somewhere that this course won’t change your life, it will transform it.

So slowly, slowly (after all, I am 36 years old already!), I am becoming the calm and peaceful person I’ve longed to be. My calm spills over into my work. I sit in my office and listen to the traumatic and stressful situations which my clients describe, and I see that my measured breaths and soothing words help relax and untangle the strands of pain.

Last week, my new intern at Hospice attended a Grief Group with me in one of the high schools, and afterwards, gave me feedback which was sweet to hear. She said that it was highly instructive to observe me, that I was charming with the students, and brought a sense of humor to a somber setting. I can see how I do that with an open heart toward these teens and a deeply held belief that in time, they will heal.

I even had the courage to expand this way of being to my most intimate of relationships. I gently asked my boyfriend one night if we could take ten minutes and breathe together–simply lie down, look at one another, and synchronize our breathing. I was unsure whether he would agree to this slow paced practice…but out of love, he did. Ten minutes became an hour as we relaxed and breathed in rhythm with one another. We liked it so much that the next night we did the same thing–and every night since. Of course, we threw in a few kisses (and maybe a bit more from time to time) but what we cherished most was the heart connection that surfaced by simply being present.

Happy 36th!

I am playing a game that I’m enjoying so much I thought I’d share it with you! Perhaps you’ll play along…

Yesterday morning I was at the gym doing my yoga asana to limber up my body before lifting weights. I was sitting on a mat in front of the mirror with one leg in hand when a thought struck me. In a couple of weeks, I will be turning fifty-six years old. Our minds are powerful influences over us. If I want to lift weights and have the energy, health and vigor of someone twenty years younger, I am going to have to tell myself that I am thirty-six.

I instantly liked the idea. The number feels just right. I’m not trying to be sixteen (more about that later!) but why age? So much of it is in our minds anyway! Thirty-six sounds MUCH better to me than fifty-six. So…I went home and told my son, who was visiting for the weekend, that I had decided to turn thrity-six this coming birthday rather than fifty-six. He laughed and said, “Okay, and I’ll pretend I’m turning twenty-one. Oh, I AM turning twenty-one!” Then he added, “You’ll be fifteen years older than me.” I thought about it and said, “Okay, that’s a good age difference but you’re going to have to stay twenty-one.” I guess we haven’t figured out that one yet.

When my boyfriend came home from work that afternoon, I shared my decision to turn thirty-six instead of fifty-six with him. He nodded his head and continued walking across the room without comment. What was he thinking? I continued playing the game. If I’m only thirty-six, I told him, it feels awfully funny to be with someone who’s sixty-five. Would he consider changing his age? Without missing a beat, my honey smiled and replied, “How’s sixteen?”

So if you see an extra bounce in my step this coming week, it’s only because that’s natural for a woman of thirty-six!

In The Schools!

I’d like to share what my morning was like today. At 9:03, the bell for Period 2 rang. As I walked up to the room where I was going to meet with the first of three Grief Groups, four girls were huddled by the door. Wind was blowing around them, the first hint of rain drops in the air. I unlocked the door for us, and we all made ourselves comfortable in the couches and chairs that lined the walls. I had met with these girls two days earlier for the first time. The girls were like sisters, having known one another since elementary school, but the fifth member of their “family” was missing. He had been in a coma since a car accident two weeks earlier, and on Friday, the family had made the difficult decision to remove him from life support.

Yesterday was his funeral, and we’d agreed at the end of our first meeting to gather again today. I had kept the girls in my heart and in my prayers, and was eagerly looking forward to hearing about every aspect of their day yesterday. Two of the girls had been able to attend the funeral, and two had not so they were just as eager to hear the details as I was. They told us about the hour drive over and the service all in Aramaic so they had to make their best guesses about what was being said. They shared how frightened they felt viewing the body of their beloved friend, and how unnatural it felt to see his body at rest when they felt his spirit so close.

When they spoke of watching the casket being lowered into the ground, I felt my own defenses being penetrated, and remembered the strong emotion I’d felt watching the coffin that held my beloved mother’s body being lowered into the ground only three short years ago. Their story went on. The quiet, sad car ride back to his parents’ home where they talked and shared stories. I looked at the girls and listened as they opened up, hugged them at the end of group, and let them know I’d see them next Wednesday.

Ten minutes later, the next group filed in. Four of the nine members were absent that day, but the small group of five was just the perfect number. Two members were new and told a bit of their stories. They could relate to one another, and the other three went around the table and opened up as well. The hour went by quickly, and I let the students know that I felt so happy to be able to sit with them and offer them a safe place to talk about their feelings of sorrow and pain. Many of the students had no one outside of group to talk with. For most, it was their loved one–a dad, mom, best friend–that had been their beloved confidante. I stood up at the end of group and said, “I’d like to hug you each as you leave the room, but if you want to duck out, I’ll understand.” As each student filed past, I hugged them warmly, and said a little something in their ear, perhaps an “I love you” or “You’re such a great kid.”

The school had a thirty minute study period afterwards which got extended by ten or fifteen minutes for a Lockdown Drill. Before I knew it was just a drill, I looked around the room, which I was alone in, filling out paperwork and eating a snack, and thought, well, if I’m stuck in here for a bit, at least I’ve got food, water and lots of books all around me. Still, I was relieved when they announced it was just a drill and would be over shortly for I had more students to meet. When the bell rang, four boys filed in. I was meeting them for the first time.

They all knew one another. They immediately charged for the couch and sprawled all over one another. They, too, had grown up together, and were like brothers, throwing paper airplanes at one another throughout the group and intermittently, punching each others legs. It reminded me of when my son and his friends were younger and rough housed with each other. I cringed in group each time I heard an “ouch” but kept as lowkey a profile as I could, recognizing that they were releasing pent up energy as they messed with one another. It turns out that they, too, were missing one of their “family”, a boy who’d already graduated and was like an older brother to them, protective and wise.

I also learned that this “family” of boys lived at the nearby skate park, and drank and smoked and competed with one another to be the best at their craft. Their “brother” was away at college, and had fallen from his 4th floor balcony at midnight ten days earlier. They wondered, had he been intoxicated? Was it deliberate? Being left without answers added to their pain.

At the end of our time together, I asked if they’d like to meet again next week. “Yes,” they adamantly replied. “Talking about it beats not talking about it.”

I felt as if I’d been invited into a world somewhat unknown to me previously, with a chance to support these boys who might otherwise weave their way through life as best they could.

I have a question in my mind. Might I join the girls’ and boys’ group in a few more weeks? Some of them know one another, and they just might be stronger together than apart. I will feel them out and see.

In the meantime, I thank my lucky stars that I get to meet with such awesome kids and offer them a hand as they find their way forward.

Tap, Tap, Tap!

I have been so busy the past month, this is the first chance I have had to sit down and catch you up. Even so, I am ignoring the boxes in the garage which are calling me in order to do this! I am happy to write that I have paced myself over the past few weeks. God has kept me VERY busy at work. Every slot was filled last week in my private practice and I went into six schools as well with the same slotted for next week. I am being a little more casual about exercise–walking in the eves around town with my boyfriend and getting to my yoga and the gym for weight training when I can. I cap my schedule at one to two schools a morning, and four clients in my office starting at 1:30 p.m. and ending by 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Yesterday (Saturday), I saw five clients between 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Today…I went into the office to make my bereavement phone calls for Hospice and see one gentleman who preferred to come in person. Do I sound busy?

But I LOVE every minute of what I am doing and really wouldn’t have it any other way! I am supervising one trainee at Hospice and have another one or two interns coming on board. Most likely, they will take over the bereavement calls, and then I will be able to call Sunday my own and go back to my beloved yoga class. What makes my time so manageable is my mood. I climb in bed every night by 8:00 p.m. and spend the next hour or more with my prayer journal, A Course In Miracles Workbook, and tapping.

My boyfriend has begun the lovely practice of climbing in bed next to me with a book. Recently, he rolled over onto his side facing me and asked, “Whatcha doing?” “Tapping,” I answered. He nodded, smiled, and went back to his book. I’m guessing you’d like to know a little bit more about tapping than he did!

Tapping is formally called The Emotional Freedom Technique. It is becoming a widespread phenomena and has many websites and books written about it. One book I am currently reading is called, The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner, while a great website I just discovered can be found at Tapping is a mind/body process, and uses the end points of the acupuncture meridians. A person simply taps on these end points, and can add words which are about the situation, trauma, feelings or physical pain which they are addressing. I have tested it on every situation and pain I can think of, and have gotten great relief from my ailments. I experience myself to be more relaxed, more energized and happier as a result. I have brought this technique into my office and into the schools with me and taught it to every person who will listen.

So I am bringing a happier, healthier me everywhere I go, enjoying my work, and feeling jazzed that I have another tool to offer those who are suffering from grief or loss in any form.

“Infinite Love and Gratitude”!

I know I’m long overdue on a catch up with you all but as you can imagine, I’ve been busy unpacking and settling in for the past three weeks. Yes, it’s been three weeks since I moved! What was striking was that I felt comfortable in my new home as soon as I moved in. I slept well right away and felt as if I’d lived here my whole life! And it has stayed just as comfortable since then. I admit, I pop in earplugs when I turn off the lights–it’s amazing how effectively they allow my brain to tune out everything but my dreams… What has been wonderful about living here is the amazing view! I open the blinds in the livingroom every morning and am surprised and am happy all over again. This past Friday night, my boyfriend and I sat on the balcony for an hour and watched the ocean, and trees, and birds, and ultralights flying above the water, and sunset. We also had the joy of watching a wedding in the park which our balcony overlooks and listening to the music. What was super neat, too, was that I knew a colleague of mine was getting married there this weekend–and got to be part of her wedding from above!

Another wonder has been being able to walk to work! I can see my office from my balcony, and be there in five minutes or so! It’s amazing! Yesterday I walked the few blocks to my yoga class carrying my mat with me. This is indeed the life I dreamed of! My boyfriend and I take frequent walks to town from our little perch on the hill. He’s found a bakery on Main Street where he likes to buy fresh bread, and has already made friends with the owner. I am drawn to all the thrift stores where I buy books and great clothes. We have our favorite restaurants, too–a bright, cheery one just down the stairs from us that serves dishes from Tibet and Nepal, another where we get to sit outside on the porch and enjoy French delicacies, and a third with small plates and nibbles from all parts of the globe…

And just like moving to Ventura a little over a year ago began a new chapter of my life, so has this move into my new home done the same. One morning, shortly after I moved in, I was listening to Hay House Radio, an internet station that features all kinds of spiritual teachers. Alan Cohen was speaking about A Course In Miracles, and when he was done, I felt bathed in a sea of love! I felt guided to e-mail a group of my “spiritual friends”, and see if they wanted to study the course with me. I had thought about doing so previously but this time, I was called. A Course In Miracles was first published in 1976, and is a set of teachings that was given to a psychologist in New York (hello!) by an “inner voice” that identified itself as Jesus! I now believe that the work I did over the past year to get over the blocks I had toward Jesus and Mary having been raised a Jew occurred so that I am now ready to accept this course. As soon as I listened to the inner voice that prompted me to reach out to friends to study with, I got an answer!

My Angel Therapy friend e-mailed me back that afternoon that fifteen minutes after she received my e-mail, a friend of hers who’d been studying ACIM for over thirty years had called! This friend, too, was looking for a new study group! I called her immediately, and that evening we spoke! The connection was electrifying. We’ve had several conversations since, each lasting well over an hour! The course has begun for me!